Varicose Vein Removal & Treatment In Erie, PA

Erie, PA Community Info

Erie is a city that also serves as the county seat of Erie County, Pennsylvania. The historic city is situated between Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Erie, PA is the 4th largest city in the state, but the largest city in northwest Pennsylvania. As of the 2016 census, Erie, PA has a population of over 100,000. 
Erie, PA is named after the lake and Native American tribe that resided along the south shore. European settlers first arrived in present-day Erie in 1753. The French built Fort Presque Isle that same year, and today that historic area is preserved as Presque Isle State Park. By the year 1795, Erie, PA was officially established as a new city, and settlement began that same year. Throughout the 19th century, Erie was a pivotal hub for the fishing industry, railroad industry, and ship-building industry.  Today, Erie, PA is known as the “Flagship City” because it was the home port for Oliver Hazard Perry’s flagship, Niagara.

Varicose Vein Treatment & Spider Vein Removal in Erie, PA

DiMarco Vein Centers are proud to be part of the historic community of Erie, PA. We have been providing residents of Erie with safe and efficient varicose vein treatments and spider vein removal for over 30 years. When you work with Dr. DiMarco, rest assured that you will get the results you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Call us at 814-723-4560 for varicose vein treatment in Erie, PA!

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